How to choose which mudules to pin on the navigation bar?

We are migrating to SugarCRM Sell and we are trying to understand how we can change the pinned modules in the navigation bar.


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  • Hi ,

    Great news! You don't have to be limited to just 4 modules if you want more.

    I wanted to point out a segment of the document shared:

    Administrators can configure the number of pinned modules with a code-level change by modifying the maxPinnedModules Sugar configuration setting or, if they need assistance with this, they may contact Sugar Support.

    We recommend that you choose a number of modules that gives users access to their most frequently used modules without cluttering their screen. Since users can configure which modules are at the top of their list (and therefore pinned to the navigation bar), there is no benefit to having a large number of pinned modules to accommodate a variety of users.

    I hope this helps!

    Patrick McQueen
    Director, SugarCRM Support

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