• Sugar 12.0: php, sql and elastic search


    We're preparing for the release of Sugar 12.0. So we would like to know what the requirements on the server level will be when it comes to SQL, php and elastic search? Does anyone know? 

    Thank you!


  • SugarCRM for Developer

    Hi everyone, 

    Hope you all having a good week. I have a question on SugarCRM journey. Sugar uses mainly Php and I am computing graduate with just a basic knowledge on php. So to get the grasp of SugarCRM what would you guys advice on how I start my SugarCRM…

  • Formula help!!

    Hello!  I have been working with Sugar for 3 years, but have never had much experience with calculating formulas!

    I have a field called Closed by. 

    I want this field to populate with the name of the Assigned to user once the case Status has been changed…

  • Forms on Multiple Pages

    We have different landing pages with different marketing assets.

    Is there any way that when a visitor is cookied, they can skip filling the form in on each page separately?

    Is there some best practice I am missing?

  • Python requests - invalid paramaters on POST request for record list


    I have split this up into what I am trying to do and the issue it's self  for people who wanna jump straight to the issue or want to read on what I

    am trying to do first.

    what I am trying to do:

    I have been recently making a program for our work…

  • Outbound email list view is very slow

    Hi sugar lovers,

    I'm facing an annoying behaviour in our customer's instance, as the list of the configured Outbound Emails is very very slow to display, at least 1 minute for the quickest ...

    We have only 9 emails that are configured, so this…

  • Error during upgrade 11.0.3 to 12


    I'm currently in the process of upgrading my local development instance of a customer from 11.0.3 Enterprise to 12.0.0. The problem currenty is that it fails after the healtcheck (or during, the logs arent really clear) with the following SQL error…

  • How to get all cases linke to Opportunity?

    I try to get all cases, linke to an opportunity (for example).

    I need the information in a LogicHook because i want to link the same cases to another type (in this specific case to a document).

    I´ve tried a lot, but always unable to fetch the linked Cases…

  • Determining archived emails with email addresses that are not in the Contacts module

    Since the email module isn't in Studio, and since the Reports options for emails doesn't include the email address, I'm looking for a way to identify archived emails with email addresses that are not in the Contacts module.

    OK, so maybe the…

  • Focus drawer is not available for my custom Sidecar Module


    I have a strange problem with a fresh 12 instance.

    I created and deployed a custom module, but the focus drawer is not available for this module.

    I did the same thing on another fresh instance and it works.

    So I suppose something went wrong when…