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Welcome to The Club! We're so glad you're here. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your experience:

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    • You'll see invitations to join groups as you navigate The Club. Joining groups allows you to choose the types of content that interests you, and it helps us to learn more about you so we can serve up content you enjoy and find valuable. 
    • Even if you don't join, you'll still be able to read and enjoy all of the content in each area, but joining allows you to participate in the conversation and get an even richer experience.
  • Edit Your Profile
    • Rich experiences come when you get to know people. Updating your profile allows other Club members to learn more about you and you about them.
    • Put a face to a name - add a photo to your profile so your friends, followers, and colleagues can identify your posts more easily.
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Be sure to review our Help Guides to learn how to create content, manage your notification preferences and alerts, earn points and badges, and more. If you ever need help or have an issue, please let us know by clicking "Contact Owners" to the right of this message, or emailing sugarclub@sugarcrm.com

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