How to change a View export currency ?

When we export a selected number of records from a view , the money values are always in USD.

The preferred currency is however set to GBP. How can we export the money values as GBP values ?

(I know it can be done via reports, but our users don't like to take that detour everytime...)

Thanks for your help,


  • By default, on exporting records from a module's list view, the currency value and currency id are exported according to values saved on each record.

    I just double checked that on a PRO 11.2 instance.

    André Lopes
    Lampada Global
    Skype: andre.lampada
  • Hi André , thanks for the feedback. In my case , exported money values are allways and for all values converted to USD (they got the $ sign in front of them) even when entered as GBP.

    I do see the Currency ID (GBP) exported along , including the conversion rate (GBP to USD).

    Do you know how we can keep during the export the values in GBP instead ? I can't ask our salespeople to always manually re-calculate their values to GBP...