Config Option to Hide Menu Items

For our app, we'd like to hide certain modules from the menu, but still be able to use them within mobile (for example, access them from the "Related" tab in Record View).

I see the hiddenModules and unsupportedModules properties, but both seem to fully disable the module within the app.

An additional property to hide from menu, but still allow other methods of routing, would be very nice.


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  • Hi Brendan,

    After discussing this with engineering.  I think what you are trying to accomplish is not officially supported since most of our customers expect to be able to see the modules that they have access to.  In theory, you can modify the server side code PHP to not send the metadata that shows the menu.

    What would be helpful is to better understand why you do not want to give access on the menu since it's a very common way for people get quick access to each module.