• RE: How can I add a Folder in Root Path ?

    You must not create a folder in Sugar ROOT path. This folder will not be accessable by the application because of the fixed .htaccess settings.

    You should use the /custom folder for any custom files. See https://support.sugarcrm.com/Resources/Sugar_Cloud_Policy_Guide…

  • I want to have a window pop up after a task is saved

    I want the user to save a task and ifs its a certain task type (a custom field) then I need a popup window with the ID of the task on it like


    This window has info for the user to fill out on another system so I cant…

  • Employee vs. User; and when to make inactive or delete?

    What best practice would you recommend for Former Employees/Users? 

  • Populate dropdown with records from a related module

    I have a module called "States" which contains 51 records of data for the US states. I now need to have data for ZIP codes, which I'm thinking of storing in a module called "ZIP codes" with a One (state) to Many (zip codes) relationship. Is it possible…

  • Zero-day-exploit in log4j2

    Hi All,

    I hope you guys are already aware of the log4j2 security vulnerability that happened over the weekend. I know ElasticSearch is using it heavily but does anyone has any idea if SugarCRM itself using it for any kind of logging? Also, what are the…

  • Are we forgot something by side Microsoft config?

    Hi everyone!

    We was follow step by step the guide for Integrating With Microsoft Connector in this point all well.

    We have an issue when with the process Authorize. 

    • We click over Button Authorize and display the window for Sign in into Microsoft. (At this…
  • Convert Lead : Populate default field for Account

    Hi Developers,

    I want to populate custom fields of Account on ConvertLead page. 
    Custom Fields:

    Fields should be populate on convert lead page itself on UI. 

    It should not be done in backend via LogicHook.

    In convert-main.php layout file…

  • Nearly everything you need to know about the Q1 2022 Release

    Hello Sugar Developers!

    We have another release for you with new features and fixes! We are calling this one Sugar Q1 2022 (or Sugar 11.3.0). This release is for cloud customers only.

    SugarCloud customers using Sell, Serve, Enterprise, and Professional…

  • Managing Team specific Dashboards - Can anyone save me from an Admin nightmare?!

    Hi All

    We recently went live with our instance of SugarCRM Enterprise, Version 9.0.1. Upgrade pending due to heavy customisation.

    I fear we have a created an Administrators nightmare with our dashboard config and hope someone can give advice.

    We have…

  • Cheers to Our Star SugarClub Members!

     Happy New Year SugarClub!

    We're already a week into 2022 and all very excited to start the new year, but I wanted to take a quick look back at some accomplishments from a special group of SugarClub members and thank them for their contributions to the…