Incorrectly Marked Invalid Email

Yesterday I noticed an email had been marked as Invalid in Market.

I felt confident it wasn't, so I called the Contact.

She said they had a problem with their mail server yesterday and some emails bounced.

How can I remove the Invalid Email flag in Market?

  • Hi John,

    On the Contact Card under Details there would be a few fields (you might need to add them if not in your current layout), Delstatus and DelMessage. Here are the definitions:

    DelStatus - Delivery status: 0 = unknown, 1 = delivered, 2 = bounced

    delMessage - Delivered/bounce reason

    Located in this documentation:

    Ideally, you reset both of those but as far as the system is concern on if it sends or does not send the record the Delstatus is what's important. Resetting the Delstatus to 0, which means we don't know the delivery status yet (unknown) would be the first step.

    If the record was hard bounced then it will also be in our Bounced Email Administration table, which is under the User Menu > Administration View > Bounced Email Administration. If the record shows up here, I don't believe you will be able to delete it from the UI as this is typically treated like safety net for bounced records.

    However, if you let support know which record (if the record exists here) and the reason you mentioned then we can definitely go ahead and remove that bounced record from this section if it's present.

    I hope this helps!



  • Thanks Michael.

    I first went to the Bounced Email Administration and I was able to delete the bounce record.

    I then went back to the Contacts and could not for the life of me figure out how to add those two fields to the layout.

    What was not clear is that you cannot add fields to the default panel, so you have to create a new panel.

    I honestly didn't even see the plus sign way down at the bottom to do this.

    I figured it out, created a new panel, and added those two fields.

    Once I did, it seems by deleting the bounced record, it also cleared the Delivery Status, but not the Delivery Message.

    If you try to edit the Delivery Message, you can't it seems. No biggie if it doesn't harm anything.

    Once this was done, I noticed it set it back to unverified. It did not update Sugar Sell to remove the invalid email that was synced by the bounce though.

    For anyone else, this will be good information to know.

  • Thanks John! I'm sorry to hear about the struggle with the layouts but I'm glad you were able to resolve it. I'll submit this as feedback to our team so we can review some more intuitive ways on the layout configuration.

    Thank you also for sharing this experience, if you agree, I would like to submit a feature request that I feel might optimize this experience by resulting in few steps.

    Feature Request:

    Currently in order to update a Contact Record that has been previously hard bounced to unknown (so it will be attempt to send again), the client will need to remove the Hard Bounced record from the Email Bounced Administration table, update the Delstatus on the Contact Card, and also update this in their CRM.

    Use-Case: There are times that a recipient was getting hard bounced, like server issues, but are now fixed. When this is identified we would like a more efficient way to update the contact record.

    The Request is within the Contact Card on the top panel where it displays 'Bounced', we would like for the system to display the reasons why and when the record was bounced upon hover over. In addition, an option that can be clicked that will present a pop up modal that will allow the customer to update the bounced statuses (Delstatus, DelMessage) back to a default state and remove them from the Bounced Email Administration Table. In addition, there should also be a checkbox or toggle within this modal that's defaulted to checked that asks if we would like to push this update to the CRM. This modal should also come with an educational warning that this should only be used if we feel that the record is now deliverable.

    - Does the above Feature Request sound like it would improve your experience? Or is there any other comments or improvements you would like to see here? Let me know and I can go ahead and make a case on your account, create this Feature Request and attach it to the case and your account.

    Thank you for your time, we really appreciate this feedback to always help improve our product and our clients experience.


    Michael North

    Sr. Manager, Technical Support

  • That is awesome, thank you very much for digging into this to help all of us.