sugarupgrade 12 Create Dashboard not working

i upgraded to sugar 12 , create dashboards not working , we tried 

changing browser ,finding errors in  logs ,  event click , console err, network but not finding any clue 

found file in 


but didn't any fault . please suggest

  • Hi Neeraj. When you say that create dashboards is not working, at what point does the create process stop working? It looks from your screenshot that you were able to click "Create" and are at the step of naming it. Are you unable to click "Save"? Or when you click "Save" does the dashboard not actually get created? 

    If you could provide a little more detail about where the process breaks, we can hopefully troubleshoot better!

  • To add to 's questions, one thing that stands out to me is that your screenshot shows SugarCRM's "old" logo, not our current one. This change happened between versions 11 and 12 and should show on your 12.0 instance. I'm curious if there were any issues during your upgrade that could contribute to this issue or any other unexpected behavior. If you watch the video on this announcement or most of the links to our documentation, you'll see screenshots of this change. 

    Alex Nassi
    SugarCRM | Sr. Community Manager