Date Condition Via Business Rule


I m using  version 12.1.0 for Sugar Sell Premier.

I m trying to use Condtion on a date field and drop downand based on that i want to pull a specific value in a drop down.


My Date field name is "Expected Date of Delivery"

My Dropdown field is "Delivery Status"

My Dropdown field is "Delay Status"

I want to write a business rule as If  "Expected Date of Delivery" > Today AND my dropdown "Delivery Status" value <> 'Delivered' then in Drop Down field "Delay Status" value = "Delayed"



  • Hi ,

    Based on the use case you are describing, it sounds like you are wanting a continuous monitoring of the expected delivery date and status and for the delay status to update if something is not delivered on time. If that is a proper understanding, I do not recommend a business rule for accomplishing this task. Instead, I would use an event-based gateway to monitor whether the delivery date is reached or the status is set to delivered first. If the date is reached first, then the delay status would be set as desired. Here is a basic concept of how that process definition would look:

  • Thanks Chris for your immediate response.. will try this..