The ClubZone Sessions Will be On-Demand Soon

Hello everyone,

Thanks to those of you who joined us for our very special ClubZone event, the first-ever virtual user conference we've hosted. We took three days out of the week to celebrate our thriving community and all of the knowledge you have to share with the world. And you all did not disappoint! We had 47 sessions, five of which were non-English, with a total of 57 expert speakers sharing their tips and tricks and know-how. Also, we had several SugarCRM Customer Breakthrough Awards submissions come through (ahem, if you haven't nominated your organization, now is the time to do it!)

If you're still coming off the excitement of the event like we are, you're probably just as excited to re-watch your favorite sessions or experience a few for the first time that you didn't get the chance to see live. I'm here to let you know that you can do so very soon! The sessions will be on-demand shortly, and we'll be sending out an email to everyone who registered so you can easily access the sessions. If you didn't register but are interested in watching some of the sessions, stay tuned for four brand new SugarU courses with all of the awesome ClubZone content available.

We can't thank you enough for participating in ClubZone, whether as a speaker or attendee. Keep your eyes peeled for our email with a link to the on-demand sessions soon!


AJ Traver,(on behalf of the entire ClubZone event team)

Sr. Customer Marketing Manager, SugarCRM