Tutorial: Troubleshooting Sugar code customizations

Building, customizing and personalizing your Sugar instance to suit your company’s needs is a core requirement, but, without the tools to write and fix your code, it can sometimes feel like you’re driving without a map. In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through common approaches to debugging back-end (PHP) and front-end (JavaScript and HBS) Sugar customizations.

In this tutorial, you’ll debug a module loadable package that contains one custom module: msgc_Equipment. The module is used to manage the equipment at Professor Marum’s School for Gifted Coders. Users can request to checkout one or more pieces of equipment. The module has 2 custom fields: total and num_available. The total field stores the total number of pieces of equipment the school has. The num_available field stores how many pieces of

equipment are currently available to be checked out. For example, if the number available of a piece of equipment is 100 and you check out 5, the number available will become 95.