Remove a team via SugarBPM?

Hi there,

I have a scenario in which access to a record depends on a field of said record. In Sugar 12.0, I've created a BPM that triggers upon creation of update (if that field changes). 

I am able to add the "global" team if condition A is met, and a more restricted team if condition B is met. 

I know I can either add a team of force a list of teams. 

The issue is that in several cases, records could have manually-added teams, which would be lost if I force the restricted team. 

Any idea? My current lead is to create a hook that just removes the global team if the record is updated with the matching condition but that's not very elegant :)

Thanks for your help!


  • Hi Damien,

    This is a great question and you have outlined the use case and dilemma very clearly. I was able to immediately recognize and empathize with this situation.

    Enhancement request 90038 has been filed asking SugarCRM to consider this use case and serve this need in a future design of the SugarBPM feature. If you have support portal access, you can review this request here.

    I, too, would approach this scenario with a custom logic hook that removes the unwanted team in the scenarios in which the record calls for it.

    Patrick McQueen
    Director, SugarCRM Support