Refresh token getting invalid if we hit access token api from two environment parallelly


1. Can you help me to understand "use of platform"? is the only reason to avoid above conflict (parallel access)? or adding platform in access token request body is having specific reason?               

2. Do we have any API to register custom platform?                                                                                                                   

3. I found one observation that if i use "mobile" as platform in access token request body, and hit target with two access token api call one after another, previously(1st from two hits) returned access and refresh token is still remaining valid. but this behaviour i am not seeing with other custom platform or any other platforms.

Is it the way platform is defined making the difference?

Can you provide your input to above queries? and some document to refer it


  • When you request an OAUTH token, one of the parameters is platform. Only one token per platform can be used at a time. If you are using the same user via the api, browser, mobile, sugar market, sugar connect, etc. they each need to use a different platform.

    The browser platform is “base”

    You can add as many platforms as you would like either under Admin or via Module Loadable Package.

    I’d offer that if you are accessing the API from two applications, that you add a platform for each application